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Growing up having dr

Published:2015-08-12 06:46:57

Growing up having drug aiedctdd parents I learned from an early age that we were different. I could never have friends over and people were in an out at all times of the night and morning. This life was normal for my sister and I. I vowed to never do that to my children. Well, history likes to repeat itself, but I was better than my parents, and I just left my son comepletely to pursue my druging and drinking career. I have not touched a drug in 10 years and I still see the affect it has on my oldest son to this day. He is now 12 and he was 2 when I quit. My mother still suffers from these diseases and I have had to be very honest with my kids as to why they can't see their Grandma. It was extremely hard for me to have that talk, but it just has to be done these days. I have always been honest with my oldest son about the poor choices I have made in my life regarding drugs and alcohol. I can't take back the choices I have made but I can take advantage of every minute of every day that I have left. I do not believe in sheltering children from the evil's of the world, but it is nice to know that with me being in AA and having my children exposed to that, they know that they always have a home there. What an amazing gift that my children and I are being given so freely. I give thanks that I was guided and inspired to be in the 12 step fellowship. There is a great bond here.


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